Non-Executive Directors 

Non-Executive Directors 


As many surveys show, companies that spend time on strategic planning, have a better chance of maximising growth and profits. 80% of those that plan outperform all those that do not. 
Non executive directors (NED) are more important than ever for bringing fresh unbiased guidance and experience to companies of all sizes, not least SME's 
Finding one can be challenging. The right person needs to have a lengthy track record in SME's and on occations suitable experience of the market sector. 
JFP's partners have the record and in particular have built their owns businesses from scratch. We have the experience and empathy that is essential. 

Why should a company appoint a Non-Executive Director? 

Companies that have a strategic business plan will want to implement and monitor progress. 
JFP non executive directors can significantly enhance the value of regular monthly board meetings (BM). They bring a discipline which enhances effectiveness and challenges everyone to be both responsible and accountable. They can also bring their skills to bear outside the BM in the day to day runnings where appropriate such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Mentoring, Financial etc. 
They bring experience, energy and dynamism to implementation and change management. 

How can a Non-Executive Director help? 

We, as non executive directors, have a lot of experience of helping companies and can bring to the table considerable business skills and contacts, knowledge, advice and support, which will help a company grow in a controlled and business-like manner and will help avoid the many pitfalls that always lie in the path of a company. 
“A problem shared is a problem halved” goes the saying – and that’s one reason why a Non-Executive Director can help. 

How can JFP help? 

The partners at JFP have built their own businesses and have a lot of experience of acting as Non-Executive Directors and would be glad to talk to any company considering an appointment. 
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