Strategic Business Planning and Implementation for SMEs

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JFP Strategic Planning is a three Partner business advisory practice with many years of combined experience. Having run and sold our own businesses, we are committed to helping the owners of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) grow their companies, using best business practices.


Our Planning & Implementation services help our clients to assess their best options, whilst prioritising and targeting their efforts to address key issues and opportunities. Our impartial, objective advice and support continues to deliver genuine business benefits for our clients year on year. This is demonstrated by our client video testimonials.


As a business owner, no one will have as much passion, knowledge or commitment to your business than you do. We do NOT tell you how to run your business. JFP will listen and help with the specific challenges you believe you are facing and need assistance with.

Time and Cost Effective

With a considerable pool of experience and expertise to draw on, JFP applies a common-sense philosophy to your planning and implementation with proven processes. We are trustworthy and have a time-effective and cost-effective approach.

No Value No Fee

Our Strategic Planning & Implementation will unlock the potential of your business unlike anything you have ever seen before. Such is our confidence, we work on a “No Value - No Fee” basis for your initial planning exercise.

Our range of Advisory Services include: