Round the Island Race June 2014 for H4H

Hi, this is John Fairley ("Archie" is my sailing nickname)

JFP Strategic planning has chartered two of the original “round the world” yachts from the Global Challenge Race in 2000/2001. Our senior partner John, crewed in this race and thought it would be great to get as many of the original crews to compete in their boats on the Round the Island Race 2014 – for fun – and raise some money for H4H. So we have original crews from “Norwich Union” and “SAIC” competing.

The reason for competing in the this famous race is to try and raise funds, for Help for Heroes (H4H) who have been of great help to Ben Parkinson (see left hand side). Ben is a member of my old Regiment and is the most injured soldier to survive the Afghan conflict. He is therefore one of the most severely disabled. All the monies raised will go to the Charities in equal amounts. None will be used to support my own costs.

I had the privilege of serving for some 20 years as an army officer. I served with the 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (7RHA), where I commanded G Battery (Mercer’s Troop) RHA, which won it’s battle honour at Waterloo.

The background to JFP fundraising for H4H is below for interest only:

I had a major accident as a young officer whilst serving with 41 Commando Group and I would not have recovered to the extent I have without the help of a year’s rehabilitation at Headley Court – the now famous and critically important military rehabilitation unit. I served in Dhofar, Northern Ireland and with Special Forces. In that time a number of my friends, acquaintances and my own soldiers were severely wounded or injured. In most cases, sadly not all, they made significant recoveries helped by Headley Court and all the other support agencies that have helped Ben.

Unfortunately in today’s social environment our fighting soldiers, whom I admire enormously are, I believe, still not being looked after properly by their political masters, the majority of whom have had little or no experience of service and sacrifice. The military covenant (the incumbent duty of care to soldiers, when put in harm’s way, and their families), which soldiers always accepted as being “stretched” in time of peace, is being broken.

As the Afghanistan operations come to a close the military will increasingly be out of the public eye. This means that fund raising will not get any easier and it means an even greater effort is needed to help the support agencies.

I have raced a yacht round the world "the wrong way" against the winds in 2000/2001 on the Global Challenge. In December 2009 I crewed on a transatlantic yacht race sailing a 52 foot yacht called Great Escape and raised £12,000 for Help for Heroes. It had an interesting twist which you can read through the report link on this page.

In December 2012 I competed in the famous Sydney Hobart yacht race and raised another £11,000 for H4H – the report on which you can read through the report link on this page. I am extremely grateful to all those who are supporting us in this endeavour – my fellow crew, clients, my business friends and associates and my close friends. Many of whom are donating their support free of charge.

So please dig deep and donate now for something that is very important for all those young men fighting for their buddies, Regiment and Country and extolling those wonderful values of service and sacrifice