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Advisory Role in Sale of Business
Nick Roberts (NR) was interested in selling his successful business but had no experience of the sale process. He was introduced to JFP by his accountant.

JFP quickly made it clear that they were not “experts” but could help pull the requisite team together for the sale process. Most importantly they could act as NR’s independent sounding board throughout having had wide and recent experience.


  1. No experience of sale
  2. Introducing a team that FDL could trust
  3. Managing both the business and emotional issues involved
  4. Role/experience of owners son
  5. Having a sounding board


  1. Introduced M&A specialists to market the business
  2. Helped choose the professional team - solicitors etc
  3. Regular communication between FDL and JFP – established a very close relationship
  4. Through discussion helped to identify and encourage a significant strategic role for the Owners son
  5. The process evolved as a serious strategic planning exercise to prepare the business for the future.
  6. Pulling out of the final deal for the correct reasons – JFP were invaluable in supporting my thinking process during this period.

Through this sales process, which NR chose to halt despite having an excellent offer on the table, JFP have been a valuable sounding board and been able to offer clear advice at all times. They have a wealth of experience and contacts. Having them alongside gave NR confidence during some difficult periods to make difficult decisions and see them through. There is a certain satisfaction when you know you have the correct course of action to take and ready support. NR now looks forward to his son, who is very able, taking the reins

The more NR worked with JFP the more he realised the strengths and skills they have brought to help FDL in the sales process and strategic outcomes

NR would strongly recommend them in any non exec role within a business. Their flexibility and ability to adapt there input to the prevailing circumstances is invaluable. They are easy to work with.