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Our Tips to date have focused on the planning and preparation stages that any business should cover.

Begin with a clear mindset. “Stop talking do something”. It is all about ACTION. Implementing a plan is never straightforward. The Plan has to be driven. We talked in our previous blog https://tinyurl.com/5n8w7yry about the Owners/Directors achieving “buy in”. This means not just the Plan but most importantly the IMPLEMENTATION https://tinyurl.com/4t6z8c77

The Implementation deliverables must be clear at all levels.

Above is schematic analogy about what sort of people you can have in a business and their attitude to deliverables in term of importance and urgency. This will be reflected in the way they prioritise their actions and summarise their priorities, which should be higher level issues than actions. Every owner and Director is aiming to be in the “Directors Box”. In other words ahead of the business curve. A GREAT place to be

Part of a successful “Board Process” https://tinyurl.com/mvdb2ve9 is making clear at all levels what are the key deliverables and hence the required actions and priorities. They will be clearly laid out in a standard Agenda to fit your needs acting as an aide-memoire for every meeting https://tinyurl.com/4t6z8c77 along with the Minutes

Actions - List in their order of urgency but there will be a lot of concurrent activity

  • They should be short, succinct and someone nominated to be responsible. It is for that person to drive the implementation using the Board forum to discuss the key issues.
  • Actions should always lead both the Agenda and Minutes. They set the tone and dynamism for the business

This moves into the environment where management and staff are clearly empowered and supported to take actions. It has the potential to create a highly energised and motivated working environment. More of which will be discussed in later blogs

Priorities - These are the higher level issues affecting the business objectives

List in order of importance but they too will have concurrent activity

  • Have a clear and succinct set of priorities which will undoubtedly be concurrent activity. It helps directors to make their own priorities and ensure that all the way to the shop floor that priorities reflect those at Board level.
  • It also helps people at all levels to understand the context in which decisions have been made particularly the less popular ones.

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