Succesion Planning

by JFP 16. May 2012 18:25
Deloitte recently published a survey which revealed that 63% of business owners planned to exit their companies in the next five years but 42% of them did not have a strategy for doing so.   If you are a business owner looking to exit, JFP can help. We can talk through the various options, which could include a trade sale, grooming the company for sale over a number of years, an Employee Buy-Out (EBO), a Management Buy-Out (MBO), a Management Buy-In (MBI), a Management Buy In coupled with a Management Buy-Out (BIMBO) or even floating on the Stock Exchange.   JFP are currently working with several clients, who are wanting to exit their companies – and if you need any assistance, contact us on 01344 872230.

Dream On

by JFP 13. April 2012 11:21
At JFP, we specialise in helping the owners of businesses update their strategic plans – and then help them implement them. It was therefore a pleasure last week to meet an Irishman named John Richardson, who had a plan, which he had implemented.   Back in 2005, John had a golf handicap of 33 and decided he would play a round of golf in par within one year. He approached the former Ryder Cup Captain, Sam Torrance, whose parting comment was “Dream On”. Unperturbed, John set about his task and on the 364th day broke par. Golf magazines picked up the story and he then wrote a book named appropriately “Dream On”, which has become a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic and in 2009, it made No1 in the Amazon sports book charts.   Speaking to John, he said the main reason he was successful was that he chose a seasoned golf professional to advise him on swing techniques, golf course management, books to read, instruction videos, fitness exercises etc etc.   In business terms, this is exactly what JFP does – so if you are interested in implementing your plans, please call us on 01344 872230.  You too could “Dream On”.  

Testimonial from Bernard Healy of Scanplus Print Group

by JFP 16. March 2012 14:53
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JFP’s Top Ten Tips For Raising Funds

by JFP 4. January 2012 16:14
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Selling Your Company

by JFP 19. December 2011 13:41
Recently it was a big week for one of our clients, who had announced to his 30 staff that he would be selling his IT company (he owns 100%) to its Management. [More]